Dr. Brian Perrier




Brian grew up in Garden City, NY and at an early age developed a passion for how exercise, movement, and physical therapy can positively impact the body and mind. While attending Garden City High School he experienced first-hand the benefits of being treated by a physical therapist and working with a strength coach, which lead him to pursue a career in physical therapy.


Brian attended Skidmore College where he earned a BS in Exercise Science and was a member of the basketball team. He was named an All-Academic athlete for his respective conference. During his final year at Skidmore he was selected by the exercise science faculty to participate in a year-long study through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to investigate "The effects of training status in modulating the effects of heat stress on endothelial function and arterial stiffness following firefighter activity."


Upon graduation from Skidmore College, Brian enrolled into the Columbia University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.  While at Columbia, he performed rotations in several outpatient orthopedics practices and the inpatient cardiopulmonary department at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. In his final year he was a part of a specialty tract for orthopedics.


Since graduation, Brian has worked in an outpatient sports/orthopedic practice treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and surgical cases. During that time, he also had the opportunity to rehabilitate several collegiate, professional, and Team USA athletes back to their respective sports.


One of his greatest passions is to constantly improve his craft by learning the best techniques to help his patients move better and with less pain. His goal is to help people of all ages and abilities maximize their human potential in order to live a strong, healthy and happy life.